About Us

Memories may fade away but a picture will stay to tell the tale of your precious moments!

Wedding is the most important day of your life which holds a lot of dreams, expectations and emotions together. What makes this day unforgettable is the memories you capture in the form of the images which last for generations. Xclusive Photography is the UK’s leading Asian wedding photographer who captures the memories from Asian, Sikh and Hindu weddings. An international award winner with a long list of clients, Leicester based, Xclusive photography understands the importance of capturing candid and beautiful shots which you can treasure forever. Being a trusted Asian wedding photographer in Leicester as well as internationally you can be assured that your wedding moments will be captured with intricate details. Apart from being known for Asian wedding photography, we’re trusted as portrait photographers and our clients’ rely on us for their family photo shoot as well.

Xclusive photography understands the needs of our clients very well and aims to meet the expectations as far as possible. We have more than ten years of experience as a wedding photographer and presence in countries like UK, India and Africa. We also provide services to capture valued moments from your pre-wedding and promise to capture the simple moments extraordinarily. You can view our wide range of portfolio which confirms our significant work. Contact us on the following number for more information on packages, bookings etc.